Dolby and Hughes

Piano Duo

Dolby and Hughes

Wendy Dolby and Tony Hughes met while working for South Cheshire Young Musicians.

Wendy: “We met while accompanying some of Cheshire’s brightest musical children. Tony called me and asked if we should have a go at accompanying each other. It seemed a good idea at the time and we’ve never looked back.”

Duo partners need to ‘click’ musically or else it’s a huge waste of time.

Tony: “I think the first piece we ever tried together was one of Bizet’s Jeux d’Enfants, ‘Petit mari, Petite femme’, and I knew from the moment we played the last chord that we were on to something special. We have such a great time rehearsing together, Wendy is so much fun. Sometimes not much playing gets done. She’s too busy laughing at my appalling jokes”.

This spirit of fun is what fuels their music. “We don’t often do much ‘serious’ repertoire”, Tony says. “Somehow it doesn’t look quite right, two people sitting elbow to elbow, crossing arms, getting in each other’s way, and trying to be solemn.” This shows in their choice of works. Dolby and Hughes are most definitely concentrating on the more entertaining side of the repertoire, mixing Original Compositions with Arrangements for 4 Hands.

Wendy again: “As 95% of musicians will tell you, we’re not doing it for the money! What drives us is the music, the joy we get from it, and the joy it gives to others.”

Having seen you play a number of times; you are just getting better and better! The last programme was the best yet- familiar pieces with the occasional more unusual one thrown in. Loved the arrangement of ‘For under us a child is born’ that you wrote specially for the concert but my favourite of your is still Danse Macabre!

Sue R